MaxIM- Antik IPTV Management Server


The Antik Technology presents a professional cost-effective SW solution for a seamless management of your Antik set-top boxes and Mobile Applications network. MaxIM is the corner stone of Antik Middleware Server Family. You can easily define your channel packages, configure all or only selected customer´s STBs, collaborate with other part of the Antik Server Family such as Antik Archive Servers, Antik Mosaic Servers and VoD servers. The MaxIM management server SW can be easily connected to your billing or to the customer care application, so that your users set-top boxes will be automatically activated and monitored using the same software your employees are familiar with.


ANTIK Technology

MaxIM Administration (IPTV Management / Middleware)

Guest Module

ANTIK Technology

Guest Module brings an opportunity to manage data about accomodated guests and products, as well as services provided and activated to the user/guests. There is also possibility to create groups of users/guests according to different constants (e.g. in case of hotel, there can be an apartment, VIP room, non-smoking room, etc.)

ANTIK Technology

New user/guest configuration


  •  New – add a new guest to the system. User can assign a room to the guest and insert information about the length of stay (date from/to), fill in the note field, as well as define TV packages which the guest should have.
  •  List  – icon shows the list of already registered guests with information about assigned room, address and room tag.
  •  Add a room
  •  Room list – presents the list of rooms already registered in the system and information about assigned guests to these rooms.
  •  Room Tag – is a tool that allows to create the groups of STB´s according to requirements e.g. in case of hotel, rooms can be divided to different groups with different settings.
  •  Add a billing – entering information about products and services which the user/guest will be charged for.
  •  Billing list  – presents the list of all items which the users/guests are supposed to be charged for, with information about the date of purchase. Of course, there is a chance to filter this information according to selected variables.

ANTIK Technology

Assigned packages and channels to the user/guest.

Messages Module

ANTIK Technology

The MaxIM allows the user to send a message to a specific set-top box, or to a group of set-top boxes. The user can send three types of messages:

  •  normal messages – send to the message box in the GUI menu,
  •  alert messages – warning, e. g. fire,
  •  flash messages – instant messages for a selected group of set-top boxes.


  •  New messages – serves to send a message to inform the user/guest about some events, sales, or anything what is required (not warnings). This message will be sent to the message box in the GUI menu. It would not appeart on the screen while watching TV.

New message configuration

  •  Alert – gives an opportunity to send an instant message which will be displayed on the TV screen, e. g. in case of fire. “Fire!” or an error such as “STB is down! Wait for fixed!”. An alert message will be sent to all set-top boxes registered in the MaxIM system. The user can set up an “Auto hide” option of the message.
  •  Flash message – works in the same way as alert messages with a slight difference – a message can be sent to a specific group of set-top boxes. Thus the user can select to whom a message will be sent. Auto hide option of the message is also available.
  •  Message list – presents a list of messages with dates from/to for displaying a message.
  •  Scroll message – represents “moving” message. The text of the message is sent on the TV screen in a line at the bottom of the screen. Thus once a scoll message has been sent, the text will be crawling from the right side of the screen to the left side.
  •  Message settings  – use can easily set up the format of the message, i. e. the colour of the text and background, speed and length of displaying, as well as the size of the message on the screen (in pixels).

ANTIK Technology
Message settings

Order Module

ANTIK Technology

Order Module is designed for the accomodated guests to provide them with the opportunity to order products and services (if a facility offers the hospitality solution) and it also includes the tools for managing, creating and adding new products or services. The user of the MaxIM administration panel can add both food menu content and services content to make it available for the guests to order through ORDER module. Doing so, the MaxIM user should edit the GUI menu, i.e. add already created content.


  •  New orders – navigates you to the list of all orders that have been made recently and have not been processed yet.
  •  In progress orders – you can view the list of orders that are being processed at the moment.
  •  All orders – navigates an user to the list of all orders that have been made, including both orders of products and orders of services.

ANTIK Technology

All order screen

  •  Create order
  •  Order service
  •  Products – user can manage and create products available to the guests. Once you open “Products” a list of already created products will appear.
  •  Product tags – effective way how to group food and beverages items of similar type and quality to a single category. Product tags are differentiated by colour, which ensures easy navigation during the order process at the “Create Order” screen.

TV Interface ModuleANTIK Technology

It offers to user the opportunity to set up how GUI should appear to the guests. This can both serve as feedback of previously done GUI setups, as well as tool to customise GUI.

  •  GUI – once you click the GUI tab, the “Welcome” screen of the devices GUI will appear. At the welcome screen you can select a language in which the whole GUI menu should be loaded (it is an illustration overview of that the guest are able to see in their rooms once they turn on the TV). On the right side of the screen you can see a colour customisation table with which you can edit the colour of the text and background.
ANTIK Technology

GUI Welcome screen with welcome language settings menu

  •  Page Gallery – brings a change to add information for guests about whatever the user likes in the CMS (content management system). These pages will become a part of the GUI menu content. For instance information about the hotel can be named “my Hotel” and would consists of the hotel addresss, reception contact, some description, photos and map.
ANTIK Technology

Page Gallery

EPG ModuleANTIK Technology

An electronic program guide (EPG) is an application to list current and scheduled programs that are or will be available on each channel and a short summary or comentary for each program. EPG Module of the MaxIM brings single EPG (EPG filtered by a specific channel), Multi EPG and monitoring of EPG.


  •  Single EPG – the user can easily select a specific channel and scheduled programs that are available at this channel, will be displayed.
ANTIK Technology

Single EPG preview

  •  Multi EPG – has the same funcionality as single EPG, but the user can see the preview of scheduled programs for more than one channel.
ANTIK Technology

Multi EPG preview

  •  Monitoring EPG – overview of EPG data availability is possible to see at EPG Module – Monitor EPG. The user can see whether a specific channel has EPG data available, for how many days and how much data came from the server.
ANTIK Technology

EPG data availability overview

Channels Module

ANTIK Technology

Channels Module involves the administration of TV channels, Radio chanels, Cameras and TV packages.


  •  List/add a channel
  •  Packages – gives the user an opportunity to sort TV channels, radio channels and video cameras to the groups. A window opened by clicking on “Packages” feature shows the list of already created packages.
ANTIK Technology

Advanced options of channel settings

  •  List – gives a clear overview of already added channels to the maxIM and information on what package is assigned to the channel. The top navigator bar of the channels list screen allows the user to add a new channel, sort channels, switch to the list of packages or to pair channels from satellite.
ANTIK Technology

Channels list

  •  Statistics – the MaxIM gives an opportunity to monitor channels rating, navigating through channel module – stastistics, the user gets to an overview of channels viewership.
ANTIK Technology

Channels list

  •  Tuner Channels – at the first channel tunning in set-top box, the MaxIM gets a list of channels from the set-top box in a code format (from satellite). These codes need to be paired with channels. So at “Tuner channels” the MaxIM allows the user to pair tuner IDs with the channels.
ANTIK Technology

Tuner channel list

  •  Mosaic – is a collection of TV channels (snapshots of TV channels displayed at one place. It provides a convenient and easy way how to check if the snapshots server is woking.mosaic can be filtered by packages or the user can select specific channels.
ANTIK Technology

Mosaic feature

Device ModuleANTIK Technology

Device module gives you an overview of the registered devices and provides the tools for administration of devices, their monitoring, remote control, as well as the possbility to assign a new device to a room or a guest and define mode, in which a new device should operate.


  •  Monitoring – feature will open a window that allows you to set monitoring the devices. Select a device you wish to monitor from the drop-down list of devices. You can also fill in the description field and submit it.
  •  List – will display the list of all registered devices. It provides information about the devices, comprising info on the room/guest the device is assigned to, the mode, in which the device operates (Hospitality TV or Digital Signage mode), service it applies, offline/online status and last status.
ANTIK Technology

Device list screen

  •  Settings – it takes user to the defaul settings of the device, where you can up the default settings, including the mode, assign a device to a room, guest or keep it anonymous, select packages for anonymous and registered users, set the service PIN, selftest speed, channels live time, etc.
  •  Remote control – is a feature in which you can search for the recipients of the remote control, while looking up specific recipients (devices) by room tags, guest, room, device or device group and promote global remote control to them.
  •  Statistic – gives a summary overview of the registered devices including details such as type of device, number of registered devices, online status, number of connections, OS Version, etc.

System ModuleANTIK Technology

System Module is designed for the management of the system settings within the MaxIM administration panel, including global settings, user, application info, statistic, open API log, backup, and user roles.


  •  Global settings – belong to the main settings of the graphic user interface. Menu of the global settings page is divided to system, language, service, configurations and weather.
ANTIK Technology

Global settings menu

  •  User – will open the list of all users, who are registered in the MaxIM and show an overview of account status (active/inactive) and its role.
ANTIK Technology
  •  Application info –gives the user information about his MaxIM system – what licence modules he has bought, expiration date, last report, version of application, device modes, and channel services.
  •  Statistics – gives the user a clear overview of the number of all devices, number of active devices and number of customers in evidence at that day.
  •  Open API log – shows the communication between MaxIM and external systems. The user has an idea whether communication is going on, and if everything is OK.
  •  Backup – gives the user a chance to do a complete registry backup of the system. Automatic backup is provided once a day (can be customized). Is is also possible to backup the system registry manually.
  •  User roles- the rights of each user of the MaxIM can be limited. For this case the admin user can create several different groups of rights – roles. A specific role gives the user a permission to perform only preselected tasks (by admin user). More than one role can be assigned to the user account.



ANTIK Technology

Promotion module is designed for creating, editing and managing promotions such as event promotions, advertisements, campaigns, special offeres and others. Once created, promotions are then showcased on the digital signage panels, located in public areas in the hotels, companies, etc.

  •  New – user can create new promotions, customise their appearance by defining what content would be promoted (image or video) any by selecting the promotion mode. It also provides the tools to set up priority and duration, define a time plan when promotions would be showcased, as well as choose the panels to which the promotion content would be loaded to showcase the promotion.
ANTIK Technology

New promotion

  •  List  – here is possible to view all promotions that have been created, including information on mode (banner or fullscreen), in which the promotion has been generated, time plan, and active/non-active status of the promotions. From this screen, you can navigate to create a new promotion, view or edit an already existing promotion.
ANTIK Technology

Promotions list screen

Facility Management ModuleANTIK Technology

Facility management module provides you with the housekeeping solution for the hotels where you can manage and track cleaning progress in hotel rooms, assign various tasks and manage teams responsible for cleaning process. There are three main features, namely room plan, tasks and teams which allow you to control the operation of facility management. Different levels of access are given to different users in the Facilit Management Module. Users have a limited access, managers have unlimited access and control users and inspectors have unlimited access and control users and managers.


  •  Room plan – comprehesive room plan panel allows the user to control room cleaning process and monitor room occupancy management. With the control navigation bar user can switch the rooms, based on the stage status of cleaning process (all, new, in progress, completed, inspected), priority (setting some special requirements for guests), and the type of room (all, suites, apartments, 1. floor, … )
ANTIK Technology

Room plan screen

  •  Task – it contains the list of roles, which are either generated automatically, or input manually. Thanks to multiple sorting options, it is easy to navigate through the comprehesive tasks list. You can choose to sort tasks in alphabetical order, by status.
ANTIK Technology

Tasks screen with navigation to room editor screen

  •  Teams – with this feature, you can view and manage the teams in the Facility Management Module, assign the roles of users within the Chambermaid or Maintenance team (users, managers and inspectors) and control the Service menu of the team. Teams are differentiated by colour to ensure easy navigation.
ANTIK Technology

Team Screen

  •  Service Menu – serves for the hotel room service personnel to control and manage the room cleaning process via assigned devices in the hotel rooms. Chambermaids and maintenance workers can see what various tasks have been assigned to them upon entering the room and login to the service menu, as well as change the status of the task once it is completed.
ANTIK Technology

Service menu and Task list

Events moduleANTIK Technology

Events module offers an ultimate event management solution that helps you to streamline event planning and keep your events organised. Interactive scheduling tools help you to optimise event planning and colourfully distinguished event rooms ensure easy navigation. With this module, user can keep your event management up-to-date, easily create new events and new event rooms, as well as access and edit planned events and event rooms.


  •  New event – it gives you the possibility to create a new event, customise how the event would be promoted, through modification of its tittle, subtitle, as well as specification of the time interval and an event room, in which an event would take place.
ANTIK Technology

New event

  •  Events – offers you the possibility to view and manage the list of already planned events such as promotion, marketing event, press conference, ets. Users get access to information about the planned events, the event rooms that have been assigned for the events and time interval of the planned events. Moreover, this feature provides the tools to edit already created planned events and event rooms.
ANTIK Technology

Events list screen

  •  New event room – gives the opportunity to create a new event room and assign a significant colour to it, eventually assign a parent room to it.
ANTIK Technology

New event configuration

  •  Events rooms –  navigates user to the list of event rooms which are available in the event management solution of the current facility.

Digital Signage Module

ANTIK Technology

Digital Signage module is where you find the tools to manage digital signage devices and world clocks. Built-in tools provide an opportunity to set up mode, screen, screen rotation, background, event calendar, navigation to the event rooms, assign promotions, and view or edit the default world clocks.


  •  Digital Signage – takes you to the list of registered digital signage devices. The list contains information about their parameters, dimensions, type, as well as information on mode assigned to the digital signage device. Only those devices will display whose mode in the default settings is set to “Digital Signage”.
ANTIK Technology

Digital Signage Screen

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