The Web-Smart Pro series of Gigabit Ethernet (GE) switches with Power over Ethernet (PoE) options enables SMB organizations to interconnect its full set of devices – servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, VoIP phones, WiFi access points, security devices, cameras, card readers, building control devices, and more- through an integrated wired and wireless network with leading energy efficiency and manageability.


Enable Your Office Networks Smart and Pro
Edgecore Networks new Web-Smart Pro product family, ECS2100 series, with both Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and non-PoE products from 10-ports to 52-ports, designed to deliver smart office networks for big & small network.

With its ease-of-use web interface, IT managers or even non-IT persons can quickly and easily set up an office network. Considering the network distribution requirements in an office, the Web-Smart Pro product family provides PoE and fan-less operation in a compact size, enabling a network to be deployed easily and without any noise. In addition, the whole product family includes console port access, allowing IT managers of larger networks to easily manage a remote office in various ways – CLI/SNMP/Web.

The ECS2100 Web-Smart Pro offers a flexible and cost-effective design for an existing office network to upgrade to IPv6. As to the importance of energy saving, the ECS2100 product family conforms to the Energy Efficiency Ethernet standard (802.3az) for low power consumption and Green-Ethernet. The PoE product family also offers a PoE timer function that lets users schedule to power on PoE devices per working time to save power and costs.

The ECS2100 Series provides a fantastic feature called “Dashboard”. It provides the several useful current switch status, like CPU, Port utilization and Event & traffic status and so on. With that useful information, users could quickly understand the switch status and do troubleshoot

Features and Benefit:

Scalability for Big & Small Network
– ECS2100 series offer a range of web-smart switches design for SMB market, deployed in different target network topologies, from small to large – 10 port, 28-port and 52-port with integrated 2 or 4 Gigabit SFP or 10G SFP+ uplink
– ECS2100 series support the new IEEE802.3az and Green Ethernet, using Energy Efficient Ethernet standard auto matically decrease power usage when network traffic is low.
– The product series support L3 static routing to group different network segment and increase user flexibility.
– Compact ECS2100-10PE come with wall-mountable PoE, fanless, and external power design with 65W to help you easily set up a small/branch office.

Complete PoE Product Line
– Different port count, combining with different PoE power budget (65W, 125W, 200W, 370W & 740W) meet different application requirement.
– Full-range PoE (802.3af & 802.3at) product series give office users flexibly deploy VoIP, surveillance, and Wi-Fi Aps.
– Compact POE plus fan-less design help small offices quick set up wireless network with no noise. (ECS2100-10PE & ECS2100-10P)
– Advanced PoE Timer saves your money and reduces energy wastes, via PoE scheduling for different application
– Extended up-to 720W PoE power budget helps the network designer simply to meet high PoE power demand such as 24-port all 802.11ac wireless access points. (ECS2100-28PP)

Smart IT Network in Edgecore
– Diag LEDs helps you understand the switch status from the self-check when the switch boots.
– Dashboard gives you simply understand the network status from the graphic analytics. IT manager can understand the CPU utilization, memory status at one glance.
– Multiple Network Management and console port option give IT managers flexibility and multiple management access via CLI, Web, SNMP v1/v2c/v3, and Telnet.
– Dual Firmware/Configuration provides redundancy and security to users.
– Cable Diagnostics simply the network trouble shooting via real-time cable status checking

Comprehensive QoS and Enhanced Security
– 8 hardware queues, port-based QoS (IPv4/IPv6 DSCP), and DiffServ provide optimal real-time services.
– DDOS protection avoids hacker attacks on networks.
– Auto Voice and Surveillance VLANs provide VoIP and IP cameras the optimum network traffic usage.
– Enhanced Security support multiple security features, such as ACLs, storm control, 802.1X, port security, MAC filters, IP source guard, and AAA.

Network Application
Application (I) Medium-Size Business Office

1. The ECS2100-28PP can extend its power budget up to 740 Watts by connecting an external power bank (PS3000 and EPS460W) to deliver 30 Watts on 24 ports.
2. The ECS2100-28PP PoE Switches support IEEE 802.3af & 802.3at for your VoIP, IP-Camera and 802.11ac Wi-Fi device.
3. The ECS2100-28PP can provide no-PoE / PoE / SFP solution for different network deployment.

Application (II) Small-Size Business Office

1. Fan-less, Compact Wall-Mountable Design.
2. Easily deployed in small office with its height as 2.65 cm, special design for thin space.
3. IEEE 802.3af/az, 65W PoE power budget with external power.

Console, IPv4/IPv6, Enhances Security, QoS, L3 static routing, PoE timer

ECS2110-26T    GIGABIT WEB-SMART PRO SWITCHES – 24 x GE ports + 2 x 10G SFP+ ports
ECS2100-52T    GIGABIT WEB-SMART PRO SWITCHES – 48 x GE ports + 4 x integrated Gigabit SFP ports
ECS2100-28T    GIGABIT WEB-SMART PRO SWITCHES – 24 x GE ports + 4 GE SFP ports with1 RJ45 Console port
ECS2100-28P    GIGABIT WEB-SMART PRO POE SWITCHES – 24 x GE PoE+ ports and 4 GE SFP ports with1 RJ45 Console port
ECS2100-28PP   GIGABIT WEB-SMART PRO POE SWITCHES – 24 x GE PoE+ ports and 4 Gigabit SFP ports with1 RJ45 Console port
ECS2100-10P    GIGABIT WEB-SMART PRO POE SWITCHES – 8 x GE PoE+ ports and 2 GE SFP ports with1 RJ45 Console port
ECS2100-10PE   GIGABIT WEB-SMART PRO POE SWITCHES – 8 x GE PoE+ ports and 2 GE SFP ports with1 RJ45 Console port

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