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Your End-To-End IPTV Solutions in Malaysia

All-property content Distribution

Single system to manage and deliver advertising information, upsell and public awareness information throughout the property. All your converence rooms rented to major event organizer? With one button click distribute their promos to all your public premises displays, even show it during boot-up of guest rooms TV sets. Major sport event during dinner time? Easy switch your display remotely to specific liveTV channel while displaying your corporate client ads or upsell promo other times of the day. In-room TVs Lift displays Restaurant TVs Lobby&Public Premises Outdoor Displays Conference Premises Screens All Guest Services on TV screen Antik Hospitality IPTV brings all your hospitality offers on your guests TV Screen. 24/7 available, easy understadable multilanguage interface increases the change to sell your food service, relaxation, sightseeing and business guest products. All easy to setup and modify without any need of complicated coding or development.

Top-Notch Fun Features

Perfect to keep your guest entertained any time of the day. Latest HD movies, local sightseeing information, or using USB mediaplayer to allow guests to view latest pictures from the busy day spent on attractions mediaplayer to share hotel entertainment database or guests USB storage to allow them to view latest pictures from the busy day spent on attractions. Instant access to web browser and most viewed apps - YouTube, Facebook, etc.

IPTV Management Server MaxIM

The Antik Technology presents a professional cost-effective SW solution for a seamless management of your Antik set-top box and Mobile Application network. MaxIM is the corner stone of Antik Middleware Server Family. You can easily define your channel packages, configure all or only selected customer´s STBs, collaborate with other part of the Antik Server Family such as Antik Archive Servers, Antik Mosaic Servers and VoD servers. The MaxIM management server SW can be easily connected to your billing or to the customer care application, so that your users set-top boxes will be automatically activated and monitored using the same software your employees are familiar with.

Content Management System and Integration

Feature-rich CMS allows the hotel to bring all new guest offers and services to the TV screens instantly – without expensive technical support or development – from new room service options, through special promotions to 3rd party offers. Nothing is easier than to add or remove menus, submenus and specific items, all ready within minutes to give you enough time to spend time with your guests not with technology.

Welcome screen

Welcome Screen appears automatically on guests TV Set after checking from Reception Interface or after PMS gives check-in order to ANTIK Hospitality IPTV System. ANTIK STB initiates wake-up of the TV using HDMI-CEC protocol. ANTIK system supports multiple alphabets, cultures and languages for guest to choose from and others can be easily added to the system.

Main menu

Easy to navigate interface with direct access to food delivery, video on demand, my bill and other upsell and cross-sell options.