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mbox HSG has a built-in RADIUS server that provides user Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) to allow guests to access the Internet. As such, mbox HSG series is capable to support a large variety of login options to provide maximum conveninence for guests yet maintaining accountability for business owners. The most commonly used login options are:
  • Wi-Fi voucher printing through mbox certified printer
  • LADP/AD integration with HSG RADIUS
  • CRM integration with HSG RADIUS
  • Social media login or “Like” Page for Wi-Fi
  • Self registration
  • Customizable captive portals using web CMS with extensive templates and external API integrations


Providing free guest Wi-Fi no longer a cost to businesses anymore. Be part of our advertising network using mbox to allow advertisers to push relevant advertisements to your guests and enjoy revenue from it. Best of all, it remains to be a fully branded experience for businesses. 
How does it work?
  1. Guests log on to public Wi-Fi and are greeted by a branded captive portal
  2. Guests choose the login type and authenticates with mbox
  3. Upon authentication, an advertisement is pushed to their device
  4. Business owners earns for every Advertisement pushed into its guest network


From rewarding regular guests that frequent the network to limiting those network abusers or even charge a fee for data used. All these are only made possible with mbox HSG series’ RADIUS capability. Businesses are able to extract such important information easily from the mfusion console for analysis or marketing purposes.
Moreover, being able to identify the peak periods on the guest network means business owners can run specific promotion during those periods and increase service revenue. 


mbox as a powerful gateway itself can support hundreds of VLANs, and each VLAN can activate a hotspot instance (access controller) and map to different captive portal page with different user access controller, etc.
Some service providers can host one central mbox and provision each VLAN for each customer to provide different hotspot services to different customers.


Industry’s first on a hotspot network appliance. mbox is capable of dynamically adjust the Quality of Service (QoS) according to the logged on users and bandwidth of Internet connection to provide the best guest experience. In addition, supporting extremely granular QoS control options, varying guest experience according to business needs. Overall, mbox supports the follow QoS methodologies.
  • Network-based QoS assigns total bandwidth (min and max) for a network or VLAN
  • Application-based QoS assigns total bandwidth (min and max) for a particular application
  • User-based QoS assign total bandwidth (min and max) for a particular user. A “user” can be identified by user ID, a host (IP) or MAC address. This feature is only supported on HSG.


Like the CMG series, all HSG series mbox are tightly integrated with our mfusion monitoring platform. This means that businesses will be able to stay one step ahead of outages or downtimes due to overutilization of hardware or network resources.
Daily, weekly or monthly reports can be automatically generated and sent to the network administrator’s email. This greatly enhances the operational efficiency of support teams.


mbox HotSpot Gateway GUI allows customers to self-service to customize their own captive portal landing pages, based on pre-selected templates. 

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