mfusion cloud monitoring

mfusion Network Monitoring 

Monitor link status, network traffic, resource utilization and more.
Our comprehensive metrics are represented in an intuitive manner to help you make sense of data quickly.
With the lines blurring between physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures, network infrastructure complicates as well. As such, many businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to have a clear visibility across the entire infrastructure. Having such visibility is critical for your businesses to take pre-emptive measures and respond faster to potential faults that are both costly and disruptive to daily operations.


Network monitoring gives you deep inside into the health state and operating status of your network environment, including switches, routers, firewalls, UPS, printers, Windows Servers (WMI) and Linux/Unix servers (SNMP/SSH) etc.
  • Real-time visibility into the availability and health status of network devices, WAN/LAN links and interfaces, eg. CPU, memory, port/bandwidth utilization.
  • Real-time graphs, detail reports and instant alerts to quickly identify and escalate faults.
  • Support comprehensive SNMP and WMI resources such as CPU, Memory, Disk, bandwidth, pagefile, process, event log, file content, etc.
  • Monitors VMWare ESX based virtual datacenter environment, includingstatus of both base server and virtual host servers.
  • Flexible to create custom sensors based on specific SNMP OID or any EXE/Scripts.


Application monitoring providers deeper visibility into the performance of critical applications, and allows administrators to identify problems before users start complaining. 
  • Web monitoring includes HTTP and FTP services, authentication, proxy, transactions, web content, web page, etc.
  • Mail monitoring includes SMTP, POP3, IMAP, Exchange 2003 and 2007.
  • Database monitoring includes Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Oracle SQL.
  • File Servers monitoring includes WMI disk/volume, WMI file content, folders, etc.
  • VM monitoring supports VMWare host, virtual machine, Hyper-V Host and VM machine.
  • Generic service monitoring on availability and response time including DNS, RDP, RADIUS, Syslog, Custom TCP/UDP Port, ICMP etc.
  • VoIP and QoS Monitoring on Cisco IP SLA.


mfusion platform is tightly integrated with our mbox network appliance to exclusivelyallow the remote management, configuration and monitoring from a single web-based console.
  • Monitor link, traffic and health status of all mbox deployed. 
  • Receive alerts, notifications and scheduled reports of mbox and link health status (CPU, RAM, Link Utilization, Round Trip Time, Link SLA, etc.)
  • Encrypted connection to securely configure mbox from mfusion.
  • Familar CLI based interface for network support team.
  • GUI based interface for easy configuration (only available for HSA series)
  • Daily backup of mbox configurations for easy restoration when necessary.


Real time collection and analysis of traffic statistics for networks, hosts/users and applications, which can be used for auditing, investigation and capacity planning. It immediately tells you the top users, top destinations, and the applications being used etc.

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